thecause (thecause) wrote in suicideswirls,

A suicide as a demonstration of injustices.

Lee Kyung Hae (1947 - September 10, 2003) was a South Korean farmer and activist who opposed corporate globalization and supported the local farmers and fishermen of his home country. He was also president of the Federation of Farmers and Fishermen of Korea. (There are 3.5 million Korean farmers)
On September 10, 2003, Lee stood on top of a police barricade at a major protest demonstration near the WTO conference in Cancún, Mexico, and committed suicide by stabbing himself in the heart in front of media television cameras, giving what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration a depressing ending. Although he was rushed to a local hospital, he died during surgery. Lee became a martyr to the anti-globalization movement. His tragic death is now used as an example of the destructive effect of so-called "free trade" on the lives of workers.
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